Baalimar is a large township founded on the trade rivers coming from the coast, past the mountain range. Originally a poor agricultural town, it has become headed by Ulasht Hateseed, Okina Reika, and Dechrone Bronzescale, after they slayed the towns patron, Baron Rivendale, upon discovering he was a Necromancer. The trio, upon razing the nearby clans of Goblins, Ogres, and the allies, as well as destroying the nearby Nercopolis that had be plaguing the town, used the spoils recovered from the battles to help re-construct the town, turning it slowly into a small city. Years later, under the leadership of the three, the town has become a bustling trade city, well defended and widely known for their quick trade ships, their prestigious military, and their growing influence on the surrounding area. Having allied with the small Elven nations to the west, and recieving aid in mining the rich minerals of the mountain surrounding them with patronage from Baern Ironstout, a Dwarven Lord from the North, the city has a bright future ahead of them.

Baalimar's Awakening