Ulasht Hateseed

A Shifter Warden, intent on preserving the natural balance.


HP: 152 AC: 31 Speed: 8 Weapons: Okriskag (Maul) Skills: Athletics- 21 Nature- 17 Perception- 17 Heal- 15 Endurance- 15

Ulasht usually plays a back-up defender during combat, with Dechrone being the real heavy-hitter in the fray. He usually flanks his opponents with Dechrone, or hangs back to protect Okina and Sahyeh from harm.


Ulasht was raised by druids in the forests surrounding Baalimar, and found Silvanus at a young age. For the first years of his life, he was taught to hone the druidic powers surging through him, and eventually rose in the ranks of his clergy. However, after many years of solitude within the Deep Forests, there was a sudden violent attack against the druids in the area, with many of them being slain, the living hauled off to some distant location. Ulasht, spared from the flames, quickly departed to Baalimar in order to enlist some aid. After some bloodshed, it was realized that Grakosh, a young Ogre Warchief, has become intent on destroying the meek throughout the forest. Ulasht, enraged, pulls together the mercenaries he has befriended and led an assualt against Grakosh’s keep, ultimately destroying the Ogre and freeing his kin. He chose to stay in Baalimar to keep the growing towns sprawl in check with the needs of the surrounding forest. Having stablizing Baalimar as a fortified, yet unharmful, outpost in the heart of the woods, Ulasht retreated to the Grove of Silvanus, meditating in the shadow of the great oaks for a year, awakening as a Warden of the Oakfather, losing many of his druidic abilities but unleashing a far more powerful, primal energy from within. Upon returning to Baalimar, brandishing Okriskag, a maul blessed by Silvanus himself, he finds his friends preparing to depart to the Dwarven lands to the far North, and decides to test his new-found abilities amongst the peaks of Khaz Modan.

Ulasht Hateseed

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